LP United

International Sunfish Union

LaserPerformance recognizes that the Sunfish® is an amazing boat because it has such a long and rich heritage. Sunfish sailors are an incredibly diverse group who share a passion for one of the most popular boats ever conceived. To bring this group together, and to form a single worldwide community, LaserPerformance launched the International Sunfish Union (ISU).

Membership into the ISU is free to any Sunfish® owner, or their family, who has applied for membership on the LaserPerformance site. ISU will offer members entrance in to a community that provides support and service through a broad range of programs as well as access to exclusive product offers.

"I own a 1972 Sunfish and have enjoyed sailing it for 40 years. I am excited
to hear that recreational Sunfish sailors like myself can join a supportive
community like the ISU."
-Sunfish sailor

"My family just bought a Sunfish and I'm teaching my kids to sail on it at our
lake. We joined ISU to take full advantage of owning a Sunfish. Thanks LP!"
-Sunfish sailor

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